Thursday, September 5, 2013

We hit the goal

Today we hit our Kickstarter goal. There are ten days left before the end of the campaign. Hooray. Anything pledged from here on out goes towards giving away the art on September 22nd at Bluffton University. We're excited to see many of you (including a number of unexpected people) there.

If you want the longer update, please visit the Kickstarter page. Hooray! It's nice to hit goals, and it reflects an interest in and excitement about this project, and a lot of love. :) Thanks for both to all of you who participated to date. And thanks for those who are tracking from a distance as well.

Oh, this isn't self explanatory? I see. Well, it's my dad doing something to the roof of the garage. I thought it was nicely reminiscent of this blog post theme of reaching for a goal (although in this photo I think the goal is to power wash the shingles -- not sure the metaphor holds up to that level of scrutiny). I bet next time you'll nod and move on rather than ask, eh?

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