Sunday, September 8, 2013

Stay In Your Lane

There's a fine line between talking about something too much and not reminding people about something they really would like (and need) to hear more about. I'm trying to walk that line about the You Have Not Seen Project. It's a (very) little bit like deciding when to pass a semi in the mountains. There's a curve ahead but it's not that sharp, and this is the interstate, so I'll go for it.

"What is he talking about?"

"I'm not sure dear, keep reading."

"Well, maybe for another few sentences, but if it doesn't make sense soon I'm out."

Back to the You Have Not Seen art installation that Christa and I and a growing number of people are working on:

I'm excited about it. It keeps evolving. There may be a Surge On Smith concert now (it's not for sure yet). I write about it, but you really have to experience the art in person-- I say that, but hopefully if we end up with a little documentary you may be able to glimpse it at some level afterwards, through the eyes and words of people who were there.

But all that is still in the future. We haven't given away the art yet. And some of you might still want to help us do that. If so you have seven more days to hop on Kickstarter and make a pledge. After that all you can do is drive or fly to Bluffton before it's all over... or wait until we kickstart the documentary! :)

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