Monday, June 10, 2013

How It Went (Some Dreams Tour) and the Need for Trust

Back in March I made a few posts about the Some Dreams Tour I planned to do with Nate Butler. Well the tour happened (some of you were there). It was good. We all leaned in and went there. Specifically, that was Nate, Amber (they're married) and their fits-in-a-stroller daughter Charlotte. We played every night for a week, some days twice. It was marvelous. And exhausting.

The first night I lost my voice half way through my set. I was already worried that my voice wouldn't make it through so full a schedule. (Up until then I don't think I'd done more than 4 concerts in a week -- including the year I spent on the road with the Radiant Sonchild tour). It was one of those scary moments. I muddled through the rest of the set, adding long instrumentals, cutting songs, and singing not-so-great melodies. It was at the Electric Brew (a hometown audience) so people were nice.

As things were wrapping up I was pretty worried about the week ahead. I prayed asking for help and perspective. "You're just going to have to trust Me" is what popped into my head. So I did and my voice was fine the rest of the time.

Soon after I started writing music (which I loved) I started playing music live (which terrified me). There's been some element of trust needed for me since the beginning, and what I've learned and continue to learn (when it works out well or goes very badly) about trust as I get up in front of people to sing or speak, most definitely applies to other areas of my life as well.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Doctor and Memories and Towns

I was contacted today by a guy I know who produces videos. He asked if I'd be interested in licensing one of my songs for a Dr. Scholl's commercial. Well, I knew the day would come sooner or later when I'd have to decide if I'd sell out or not, but... thank goodness that day hasn't come yet! I love Dr. Scholls. Little known fact -- when I'm on the road and have been around people too much and need to get away, sometimes I go to a supermarket or drug store and hangout out in the insoles aisle. No one is ever there and insoles are comfort food for your feet.

We'll see if it happens, not a done deal yet. But it would be pretty fun if my first song licensing comes from the Doctor.

Which song?

Memories and Towns

Lean in and Go There

Within each network of relationships, formal or informal, a vocabulary will eventually develop. Buzzwords.

In my network two common phrases are "go there" and "lean in." While it's difficult to nail down exactly what these phrases mean, both are related to choosing to engage (and stay engaged with) difficult situations, challenges, learning opportunities.

I saw Tedeschi Trucks band last month and I remember physically "leaning in" and also "going there." I was sitting at the edge of my seat. (So that's where the cliche came from...) His slide playing was interesting, unique and compelling.

I assume that Mr. Trucks has spent many, many hours alone "leaning in" and "going there" with his guitar when he might have preferred to be doing something else. Because of that his audience gets the chance "go there" and may find themselves "leaning in" without meaning to.

That's an encouraging thought whether "leaning in and going there" means getting up the nerve to play at an open mic, apologizing rather than defending yourself, paying attention to or admitting your feelings, exercising, trying for a new job or forgiving someone who hurt you.