Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Drawings

Yes, I'm still off the radar, and yes, I wrote this before I left.

My End-of-September gift to you is some drawings.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Alternate Gesture Drawings Cover

This was my first idea. I liked it, but it didn't fit the concept as well as the sketch.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gesture Drawings: A collection of Rough Demos, Orphan Tracks and Living Room Recordings

If you're looking for a fun way to support the Reuels' sabbatical and hear a few of Jonathan's rough musical ideas, you're in luck. Introducing "Gesture Drawings: Rough Demos, Orphan Tracks and Living Room Recordings."

First, to be clear, this is not another quality studio album! Gesture drawings are often used as warmups, and these recordings are sort of "first drafts" of songs. If you want quality recordings, listen to Watershed and (some of :) The Best of JRL. If, however, you want seeds of songs not yet fullgrown, look no further.

These songs are available on Itunes, Amazon and a couple other online distribution spots. Search for "Jonathan Reuel" or "Gesture Drawings" and you should find it. Have fun picking and choosing -- or go ahead and splurge, it goes to a good cause!

Gesture Drawings includes: "Balloon" my favorite song from the album of the same name (no longer in print), new versions of Water Fall on Me (with an added verse, just to shake things up a bit), Despite Hell (only available as a video previously - and that only if you knew who to ask), 5 new songs (written and recorded in July, 2011), 3 songs from earlier CSM deliveries (Conflagration, Saint Cross, Holy Cross, In the Place of), I Don't Mind Waiting (Balloon version) and You Do (Thumb). 14 Tracks. Only available online.

*Please note: members of Jonathan's CSM may have downloaded some of these songs already -- some of them were previously released there.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Genre Revisited

At some point in late 80's a duo of untold genius and musical prowess took the midwest by storm, sweeping up fans like dust particles from Indiana to Pennsylvania. It's mind-blowing (or numbing), fantastical works of pop-hook-laden, folk-influenced, slightly-boy-bandish genius were irresistable. The band's name?


This is the last known tshirt from the epoch, hand-painted by one of the band members.

Although it is showing some wear and the weight of the years (unlike, of course, the perpetually-youthful musicians who created it), the magic of the era lingers still in it's cottony folds.