Friday, September 9, 2011

Genre Revisited

At some point in late 80's a duo of untold genius and musical prowess took the midwest by storm, sweeping up fans like dust particles from Indiana to Pennsylvania. It's mind-blowing (or numbing), fantastical works of pop-hook-laden, folk-influenced, slightly-boy-bandish genius were irresistable. The band's name?


This is the last known tshirt from the epoch, hand-painted by one of the band members.

Although it is showing some wear and the weight of the years (unlike, of course, the perpetually-youthful musicians who created it), the magic of the era lingers still in it's cottony folds.


Rachel said...

AW!!! Cry! I wish I still had mine! And how do you say that? Gen ray? Or is it Gen-Re like for Genisis to revelation? Bwahahahaa! ;)

John David said...

I still have my Genre cassette.