Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Set from Wilmington

Here's a link to another set from that same concert. If you're ever near Wilmington, OH, check out this place. Amazing sound and more amazing people.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wilmington Revisted

Last weekend I had the privilege of spending a day and a half with the band in Wilmington, OH. We played friday night to a small collection of people in one of the best venues I've ever played -- incredible sound, lights, space, etc.

Saturday we practiced and then got a chance to spend some time serving food at the noon meal that our friends at Joe's serve to people in need.

This venue puts all their concerts online, so feel free to watch it if you like. It's encouraging and challenging to listen to it for me, since I hear all my weaknesses but also feel how much fun it is and how the heart of the songs is getting through at least some of the time!

Monday, May 9, 2011

First gigs with the Northern Brilliant

I've been swamped getting ready for the Dandelion Seed artists' conference next week - not to mention trying to get caught up on everything else I got behind on that's been catching up on me. All that to say I've been wanting to really do justice to what for me was a hugely significant first set of shows in Ohio over a week ago. The first live attempt at this Watershed Project songs, and the debut of the Brilliant.

We played two nights in Bluffton, OH. The first was at the University. Played in a courtyard. Was sloppy but glorious. The next night we played in the back room of a Mexican restaurant. Handed out earplugs for people who wanted them -- and played some LOUD rock and roll.

That's basically what happened. I'll try to get at how I felt about it and why at some point soon -- in the short term -- it feels like something I've been wanting to do since I was 16 and it's starting to click. A lot of it is the band. The songs too. Switching from acoustic to electric. And there's more but I definitely have not hit my writing target here (remember: short, clear, deep) so I'll stop.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Never

You Never from Jonathan A Reuel on Vimeo.

It's been crazy -- more than usual. Feel myself getting into that place where I forget to look up, slow down, and miss the important things. What would I do if it weren't for Love that doesn't go away, stop, or forget me?

Just a couple verses and a chorus which slipped out of me a couple days ago between other things.

Get a song, help someone

The deal is basically make a donation (you choose how much) and download a couple tunes from the album ahead of time. Driving from Asheville NC to Ohio for the gigs last week I drove through some of the wreckage from the storm. I hadn't heard about it yet (it was early morning) and I started to notice bits of pink fuzz alongside the highway. I couldn't figure out what it was. Then there were trees broken down and the traffic slowing. Then it just got worse and worse -- it was insane: semis upside down, roofs of houses blown off, people standing around looking dazed, helicopters, rescue people, etc. Finally I realized the pink stuff was insulation from destroyed buildings.

When Denice (who is helping with management, booking, etc) had the idea to put up a couple songs from the upcoming album for donation to help out with disaster relief it sounded great to me. Whatever comes in through this will give to Mennonite Disaster Service (they do great work). If you don't help this way, consider finding some other way to, even if it's just by starting by taking a few minutes out of whatever you're in the middle of to think of people whose normal life has been turned inside out, and who may still be (literally or emotionally) standing numbly as the sun rises to reveal the wreckage of what was their home and community. Sometimes these things shock us awake in new ways and we find a new life and new purpose out of it -- but that doesn't happen alone.