Sunday, September 26, 2010

Recording again and my other blog

I'm recording again. I'm in NC with family, and just got some basic gear so I can record again. My computer died a few weeks before we went to Asia in August, so this is the first I've been able to put song ideas down since then. Feels good.

I have a CSM coming out soon, so I'm working on that as well as a project based on our travels in Asia (which will include original art, music, photos and illustration from the trip).

Christa and I have a blog about our travels:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yes Please

While I'm on this "I imagine God saying" kick, what if God said this?:

"If I told you the responsibilities you'd have in the future they would seem too big for you and it would overwhelm you. In fact if you truly saw what you were responsible for now, it would crush your spirit. But in reality it's just a little job and it fits you. It's ok. It's good. You can and will do it. The real job is mine, the ultimate responsibility for winning or losing, loving or waiting. Redemption is a long game and I'm the best player, and I'm focused and playing. I'll let you in on some more of it if you like."

Yes, please.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good News: Turning and Walking

After that last post about good news, I qualify:

It doesn't seem like I connect to this Kingdom or 4D reality every time I turn towards God. Wasn't that the message I heard, that this Kingdom is open to anyone who turns? How does my experience fit with this invitation/message, Jesus?

Sometimes it feels like I turn towards God and start walking. Often, actually. Maybe this is a trick of the mind. Maybe I'm weak. Small in faith. (Ok, both of those are givens). Maybe in reality (4d) I'm with God already the moment I turn, but in 3D space I have to move to get there.

If so, I wonder, in God's economy what the function of walking (the existential interum here that exists between the turning/asking and the experience) is?

And anyhow, why would God give us such huge power -- to actually be able to choose love/the Kingdom/presence of God or not? It's a lot of responsibility. Especially when the results of that turning don't seem immediately obvious, even to the turner.

And while I'm asking questions, what does it mean "everything is going to be ok?" (Is it? Really? How? For whom? I can't see it.)