Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Chance to Influence the picks for Best Of CD

Here are the suggestions so far for what to include on the JRL Best Of . The rules: songs have to be from: (1) The 5 Song Demo, Seconds to Sunrise, JRL10, Caught In the Paydirt, Now, or Balloon (unreleased), OR (2) if they are unreleased, they have to be a bonus track. Remember -- this may be the only piece of JRL some people ever get, so these are grave decisions with long term consequences! Make your voice heard. Speak now (or in next couple days) and I'll take your ideas into account. You may leave your suggestions as comments.

We've all got this, Holy 3x (disqualified)

Play, Past Yourself, Anywhere My Love, Better Days, Sunfire Faces

29 years, Circle, Conversation, Despite Hell, Inside, , Sunfire Faces, Waterfallonme (disqualified)

29 Years, Anywhere My Love, Better, Counting Road Signs, Get In Get Over It, Inside (turned out nicely on the recording), Just to Be Loved, Like You Do, Sunfire Faces, Possession or Conversation, When I Leave

29 years (shortened), Anywhere my love, better days, the landline version of better, christmas card, Get in get over it, Inside, just to be loved, this could be the day(remixed with new bass), when I leave,when she smiles, Like you do, Sunslide, Times squared, you could break my heart,

Megan (VA)
Camellia Drive Lullaby, You Could Break My Heart

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The final projects

So I finished up in the studio after a year and a half. I'm really happy about this last JRL record. Nate Butler is at some of his best (he's drummed on every JRL studio album that had drums), there's a couple of great bass players on it (Allen from the old bands Willoughby-Wilson and the Walter Eugenes -- great bass player). Also a smattering of other stuff - Rhodes, accordian, etc.

I'm working on the cover design and hope to have the thing out in about two weeks. The plan is to do a couple cd release/final JRL shows, hopefully one in VA, OH and IN at least. I'm really excited about the recording and feel that it is a great way to end the JRL period of my music.

I'm also thinking about doing a best of cd for new listeners who aren't ready to wade through 5 1/2 recordings but want to hear the stuff. I'm taking suggestions for what should be on that compilation...

Thanks for the interaction on the recent posts, by the way. It's great to hear other people's thoughts on the creative process and the battles that go along with artmaking.