Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last Chance to Influence the picks for Best Of CD

Here are the suggestions so far for what to include on the JRL Best Of . The rules: songs have to be from: (1) The 5 Song Demo, Seconds to Sunrise, JRL10, Caught In the Paydirt, Now, or Balloon (unreleased), OR (2) if they are unreleased, they have to be a bonus track. Remember -- this may be the only piece of JRL some people ever get, so these are grave decisions with long term consequences! Make your voice heard. Speak now (or in next couple days) and I'll take your ideas into account. You may leave your suggestions as comments.

We've all got this, Holy 3x (disqualified)

Play, Past Yourself, Anywhere My Love, Better Days, Sunfire Faces

29 years, Circle, Conversation, Despite Hell, Inside, , Sunfire Faces, Waterfallonme (disqualified)

29 Years, Anywhere My Love, Better, Counting Road Signs, Get In Get Over It, Inside (turned out nicely on the recording), Just to Be Loved, Like You Do, Sunfire Faces, Possession or Conversation, When I Leave

29 years (shortened), Anywhere my love, better days, the landline version of better, christmas card, Get in get over it, Inside, just to be loved, this could be the day(remixed with new bass), when I leave,when she smiles, Like you do, Sunslide, Times squared, you could break my heart,

Megan (VA)
Camellia Drive Lullaby, You Could Break My Heart


Anonymous said...

I don't know the name of it, but the one that has the line about "wind tugging at my coat-tails", that song is awsome.
Also, i'm dangerously serious about the synth project.

Jason Potsander said...

Potsander's Pics

Better Days
Sunfire Faces
Of Friendship
This Chance
Past Yourself
If you were mine
Memories and Towns
I don't mind waiting
Better yet--- "I'm as a hungry as a chainsaw."
Past Yourself
Get in Get Over it
Just to be Loved
29 Years
You Could Break my Heart

Unreleased Recommendations---------
Daughters and Sons, CSM delivery 1, This is very upbeat and fun.
Despite Hell--This is the most depressing song that somehow uplifts me that I can think of. I love to use this song for Service Adventure Learning Components along with the video you made for this. I like how it emphasizes that living for Jesus is about making a choice to follow. We have the power to choose the positive or negative.

All the Way (Acoustic), I played this song during the funeral of my grandma after I said a few words and invited persons to invite Jesus into their hearts. This song will always take me back to that day with a lump in my throat and my eyes glassed over, but deep down I remember with joy because I know all the things the songs says is true. "What can we say when words fade away?" "Look now to the one she served..." "Thank God for eternal life." "May the hope of resurrection overwhelm our sad perceptions all the way."

nourtney said...

Better Days (my very favourite Jonathan song), Sunfire Faces, Second Floor, 29 Years.

Jonathan, I haven't seen you since the Summer! How is everything, my friend? I want to come up and see you guys.

Courtney said...

Better Days (with lot's of Jonathan freestyle :-), I Don't Mind Waiting, Sunfire Faces and Celebrate

Dahveed said...

OK I actually e-amiled this to Jon about a week ago but figured I'd post it to share, I guess so people know I'm here and so you know my list...I did 2 lists, One was what I thought should be in the Best of but this is the list of my faves.
You Could Break My heart
Past Yourself
I Don’t Mind Waiting
Counting Road Signs
We’ve All Got This
Second Floor
Sunfire Face
Better days
Anywhere My Love
Just To Be Loved

brittanymccullough said...

Here are some that I thought of:
Second Floor
You Could Break My Heart
Like You Do
Past Yourself
Times Squared
Get In Get Over It
Anywhere my love
Sunfire Faces
Better Days
29 Years
We've all got This
Someone Else's Dream
Better Yet

These are the ones that strike me. I am sure I could come up with more, as everyone else could I am sure. Have fun choosing and I hope to see you soon!