Monday, May 9, 2011

First gigs with the Northern Brilliant

I've been swamped getting ready for the Dandelion Seed artists' conference next week - not to mention trying to get caught up on everything else I got behind on that's been catching up on me. All that to say I've been wanting to really do justice to what for me was a hugely significant first set of shows in Ohio over a week ago. The first live attempt at this Watershed Project songs, and the debut of the Brilliant.

We played two nights in Bluffton, OH. The first was at the University. Played in a courtyard. Was sloppy but glorious. The next night we played in the back room of a Mexican restaurant. Handed out earplugs for people who wanted them -- and played some LOUD rock and roll.

That's basically what happened. I'll try to get at how I felt about it and why at some point soon -- in the short term -- it feels like something I've been wanting to do since I was 16 and it's starting to click. A lot of it is the band. The songs too. Switching from acoustic to electric. And there's more but I definitely have not hit my writing target here (remember: short, clear, deep) so I'll stop.

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