Monday, June 10, 2013

How It Went (Some Dreams Tour) and the Need for Trust

Back in March I made a few posts about the Some Dreams Tour I planned to do with Nate Butler. Well the tour happened (some of you were there). It was good. We all leaned in and went there. Specifically, that was Nate, Amber (they're married) and their fits-in-a-stroller daughter Charlotte. We played every night for a week, some days twice. It was marvelous. And exhausting.

The first night I lost my voice half way through my set. I was already worried that my voice wouldn't make it through so full a schedule. (Up until then I don't think I'd done more than 4 concerts in a week -- including the year I spent on the road with the Radiant Sonchild tour). It was one of those scary moments. I muddled through the rest of the set, adding long instrumentals, cutting songs, and singing not-so-great melodies. It was at the Electric Brew (a hometown audience) so people were nice.

As things were wrapping up I was pretty worried about the week ahead. I prayed asking for help and perspective. "You're just going to have to trust Me" is what popped into my head. So I did and my voice was fine the rest of the time.

Soon after I started writing music (which I loved) I started playing music live (which terrified me). There's been some element of trust needed for me since the beginning, and what I've learned and continue to learn (when it works out well or goes very badly) about trust as I get up in front of people to sing or speak, most definitely applies to other areas of my life as well.


amberdkb said...

Loved hearing a little more of your internal journey that week. We think it was marvelous too! God keeps tapping us on the shoulder about trusting - ok here, and here and here... good to know we are not alone in freaking out sometimes, and also in saying yes to challenges that are bigger than what we know. - Amber, Nate & Charlie

Caroline Yoder said...

Sometimes I feel like Drew and I have no choice but to say yes to challenges that are bigger than what we know. Drew is the kind of person who cannot let a dream stay just that so sometimes trust for us is less about "should we do this or not?" and more about "since we're already doing this...are we going to crash and burn or not?" Y'know? Sometimes I wonder if we should wait and listen more...but I don't think I know how to do that yet and perhaps that's not how we're well-reached either.
And that is terrifying but I kind of like it that way. Because crashing and burning would be an adventure too. Is this making sense?