Friday, September 20, 2013

Artist Reception/Interactive Event Part I

We plan to give away all the art at the artist reception this Sunday (Sept. 22nd). This is a sort of grand finale to the whole project. People have been asking us why we are giving away the art and how it will work. We keep thinking and planning, so I will try to put into words what we think it will look like at this phase. Remember, though, we've never done this before so we're expecting some surprises!

The What
The reception event will take place this Sunday from 2-4pm in the Grace Albrecht gallery at Bluffton University. The first hour (from 2-3pm est) will be a normal artist reception: art, conversation, a bit of food and drink.

When people show up at the gallery they will be given a piece of origami with a number on it. At three o'clock we will start the interactive piece. People who would like to take a piece of art home with them will be called in groups of five (based on the numbers on their origami).

When a group of 5 people are called each individual will explain to a helper which piece they'd like. The helper will work at getting that piece down (some parts are nailed into the wall and will take time to disassemble). The helper will also give the person a yellow tag to write something they "have not seen" on. When the piece of art is taken off the wall that tag will be hung in its place.

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