Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Volunteer squash (Or how the rhythm section showed up unexpectedly)

Toby Hazlett is one of those rare and wonderful people that keep showing up in my life (and projects) at just the right moment.

Most recently this meant that he turned up at Gabriel's studio with his son Aleks. They became the rhythm section I didn't know I needed (and couldn't afford).

I was particularly pleased to be the artist responsible for Alek's first recording session. He's young, plays a number of instruments, and has a good ear. When I was his age I was less than half of that -- young, with a decent ear... and I sort of played one instrument).

There are times to call the experienced veterans and other times where the best possible scenario is  the one that has everyone sitting at the edge of their seat, not quite sure they can pull it off. That was both Aleks and I at the Upperhand Studio sessions. It's too easy to get comfortable -- sometimes you've got to have something to wrestle to make art. I took along a cheap guitar to these sessions and fought it until there was a hole punched in the "too easy" that we could take all the beauty through. And then there were all the things we discovered along the way that no one planned.

So all in all, it was sort of a "volunteer squash" sort of recording session.

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