Friday, September 20, 2013

Artist Reception/Interactive Event Part II

The Basics
Where: The Grace Albrecht Gallery in the Sauder Arts Center at Bluffton University, Bluffton, OH.
When: 2-4pm est, Sunday September 22nd, 2013.
What: Artist's reception and interactive event in which the show is disassembled and given to the people who attend -- and those people reflect on the theme and write about it on little yellow tags.

The Yellow Tags
Each tag will have space for participants to write about something they "have not seen". This could be something funny, imaginative, practical, personal and/or significant. For example, people might write "the alps", "a sunrise on mars", "a blue rhinoceros",  "my daughter finding a spouse", "hope that I can change", "a way forgive my brother" etc. And of course, people may elaborate.

The goal is that as the art of the You Have Not Seen installation comes down it will be replaced with peoples' responses to the ideas that generated the show in the first place. It should be an interesting and hopefully fun, thought-provoking and meaningful experience for those who participate.

Shooting photos and videos IS allowed. There will be people there shooting, and people attending are welcome to do the same. Because we're taking apart and giving away the pieces of this installation, images of the work and the process will be important for people wanting to remember it. However, we encourage you to spend time looking and experiencing the art and the space directly, not just through a lens.

If you'd like to have your perspective on the show added to other peoples', please tag your photographs #youhavenotseen on instagram or tag Christa Reuel on FaceBook.

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