Sunday, January 23, 2011

Recording Day Two

Being in the studio with Surge On Smith is getting me really excited about returning to the studio next month to record my record. I'm getting a kickstarter account set up so people can help fund it -- Justin Clemons is helping me with the video for that -- so things are moving ahead!

We got most of three songs recorded yesterday (day 2). It was a long day (I fell asleep during the recording of a soothingly beautiful guitar track), but it was a LOT of progress. What struck me most about working with this producer/engineer Jordan Critz (he's an artist in his own right and has recorded bands like Green River Ordinance) is that he's been great at being flexible and creative and yet moving things forward. He's also good at hearing the whole song rather than just one aspect of it. A lot of his work has been pop oriented, and think that's had the positive effect of developing an ear for simplicity, melody and hook. He's played guitar, glockenspiel, organ, bass, slide and tambourine on the project -- so far.

It's been a little intimidating to work with him -- bringing up my own insecurities. but conversations and prayer have helped. It's never fun to see your own doubts, defensiveness, worries and jeolousy. It's always good to admit it and find help, so that's good.

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