Monday, January 31, 2011

Playing as a Trio

I led worship at a big church in Wylie TX today. Played two new songs I wrote, a hymn, a song that was new church circles in the 80s and an Elvis tune. My band was me, a brilliant funk/jazz bass player and a very good drummer.

Three things:
1. I was nervous because compared to these guys I'm very sloppy as a guitar player. In a three peice setting this can't be hidden.
2. I was nervous because I didn't know if this group of songs would work well for this group of people -- I'd say audience, but in this context the congregation is actually a group of participants not an audience, and my job is not just to make music but to help people connect with God. A couple days earlier I heard that one leader saw the song list and thought it was a very strange group of songs.

So I asked the leaders of the organization for feedback on the songs I planned to play and they suggested I add something people knew so I added the 80s worship tune. I contemplated other changes but finally went with the rest of the set as it was. The sound didn't work well during rehearsal (I had no mic most of the time). But the band was insane. In a good way.

So we played the songs and that thing happened -- that thing I dream about when I think about having a band...

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