Friday, March 27, 2009

videos of the JRL Farewell Concert

The Farewell Concert was amazing -- messy, chaotic, beautiful. The art was great (Christa and a lot of helpers).

I'll write more about it, but in the meantime check this out:
"JRL Farewell Concert"

I don't know if it captures any of the feeling of the evening, but there was some magic.

Or go here:
"JRL Last Song"

you'll find a video of Sunfire Faces with pretty much all the musicians kicking in -- 5 guitarists, two bassists, pedal steel, drums, a couple percussionists, pedal steel, flute, singers. There is this great place where it became glorious white noise. Listen for yourself.

Here's another:
"You Could Break JRL"
you can hear Kimberly and I singing You Could Break My Heart with Tim Shue playing mandolin.

Can't wait get the files to see what kind of audio recording we got. More soon.


Jonathan Reuel Live said...

Make that three percussionists, Grant who was recording the gig (and is a great drummer) ran out on stage and pounded on something.

Jonathan Reuel Live said...

Thank you Amber for figuring out the links for me.