Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The best of JRL cd

So here's what happened with the JRL best of CD. Nate Butler remixed some tunes from Balloon and mastered it all so it works together pretty well. (Balloon was produced differently and sounded out of placed with the other tunes, and besides, now there's new mixes of some of the best songs). Also we're including a version of Better done by Landline (the band that played three shows but had great potential), and a new recording of Advertised (which has never been officially released though I've played it live a lot) from a great producer in Minneapolis.

We're doing a limited edition release of the Best Of cd at the JRL Farewell gig at the Goshen Theater this Friday. 40 cds. The covers handmade. A bunch of friends helped me create 40 cases for the limited edition. Some are hilarious, some are artistic. First come, first serve. We'll release a non-limited edition if necessary, or maybe a second limited edition run if I can get enough people to help me. It's really fun seeing what people come up with.

Thanks for all your suggestions for what songs should be included. Here's the final set list:

Second Floor
Fell Like Fire
Better This Way
Sunfire Faces
Past Yourself
Anywhere My Love
Camellia Drive Lullaby
Just To be Loved
I Don't Mind Waiting
29 Years
We've All Got This
Better Days
You Could Beak my Heart

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