Monday, March 9, 2009

Advertising Advertised, English visits and playing CVille

The Best of JRL record is coming along well -- and it needs to because the farewell concert is on the 20th and we will have them there. Nate is remixing some songs and remastering them. It's going to sound amazing, be a great collection of songs, and a good picture of that last phase of my music.

A friend in Minneapolis and I recorded one of my songs called "Advertised" a couple years back. He's been working on it intensely and I was going to put it on the BSides project but it's so good it's going on to the Best Of. And we're working on a video for it.

Life is crazy here. We've had friends from England in for a few days, as well as Bryan Moyer Suderman of with us for a couple days too. We played a gig together, first time I've played in Cville for more than 6 months. My highlight was doing a version of "Saint Cross, Holy Cross" with Bryan. It's a song about my early years growing up in Bolivia. Bryan grew up there too and played sampona (pan flutes) and charango with me, both Andean instruments connected to that era of my life for me.

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