Monday, August 30, 2010

Good News

Jesus' message is news -- and good news -- to conservative Christians who think the world is going to hell and they are a beleagured minority. It's good news to the rebels who go to church but don't listen because the message is dated and simplistic. It's good news to the cool people who worship a relevant approach to Jesus. It's good news to the feminist wrestling to reshape her mind to connect with a God she can relate to. It's good news to the arrogant and insecure who feel like they want to/need to change the world but are pretty convinced they're too f**d up to do it.

The message that the reality and presence of God is near, all around, and all we have to do is turn towards God (and away from everything we're carrying and thinking and trying to do to connect ourselves with God) is good news! It's available to anyone. Children even. Simple. Could it be real? Is it possible that you can get it without getting it, that you don't have to get yourself to a certain place to qualify, and yet it is a path that takes you somewhere you're not (and can't even conceive of)?

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