Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Bible, Bhakti Marga and 4D Existence

To me the Bible seems to be a collection of stories of people interfacing with other realities -- both the spiritual world and the reality of God's presence/leadership ("the Kingdom"). These are stories of people popping in and out of life in 4d, living in the joy and tension. 4th culture kids. Aliens and strangers. Messengers. Witnesses.

I have a friend who appropriates eastern meditation techniques and worship traditions in his relationship with Jesus. I recently had a conversation on a plane with a shaman who talks to Jesus. I know a guy who connects with groups of Muslims who study, follow and love Jesus.

These and other experiences reinforce my inclinations to believe that, while I'm deeply formed by the overarching western context I live in where religion is often mostly about what we do (morality) and mentally assent to (belief), drawn to certain aspects of mystical traditions (eastern and western) that emphasize experience, disciplines and inner order, Jesus lived and invited people into an experience (which includes and influences morality and belief) which interfaced with an alternate reality in a certain way -- with the posture of children, friends, family members, servants of a God whose influence, direction, love for and power over all worlds (while disputed and in process) is central and good.

OK, that last sentence was approaching Melville length with none of his humor or precision. My apologies.

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