Monday, February 4, 2013

Meaningful Work

Several of my friends moved to Deep Ellum in the heart of Dallas a few years back. Through them I've got to know this unique area a bit. One of these friends recently opened a little shop in the heart of Deep. They put up a few of Christa's paintings and got good responses, so I took down another piece when I was there in January. And I stood on a ladder and hung it. Over the Gucci bag. Oh, and I bought a great red shirt from the late 70's.

It's fun to see my peers giving something back to their communities in unique ways: starting urban gardens, opening shops, creating artwork, teaching, starting churches, tutoring, starting creative groups, coaching, etc. It's not an easy path to try to carve out a life that is both creative and useful (and brings in enough money to live on) but I see people figuring out ways to do it, and see a real shift from just working to seeking and finding (at least in small doses) meaningful work.

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