Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just That

Of of the more stunning things said to me recently came from a friend who is strategic, wise and successful -- not just in business but in his relationships, personal growth and spirituality (he has his share of weaknesses, but there is steady, incremental growth across the board in his life. Stunning.) He said something like, "Jonathan, I want to be more like you." We talked and I found out what he meant was he is learning to see life more as an adventure (as opposed to only something to plan and be responsible with) -- and he sees in me as someone who lives life as an adventure.

I do generally see life that way. I expect to be surprised, and I (often) like it when I am. Learning makes life stunning. I see God in the unexpected. I see hope in change. I feel potential in much that is difficult. A lot of the time. There is a downside to this approach to life too (which is why I can say back to my friend, "I want to be more like you too"), but I'm not going to get into that here. Instead I'll show you a photo.

This is our front door. What do you see?

Context: Snow melting, the sun blazing, bouncing off concrete and around the walls and doors. Amazing. To me it looked like angels, glints of another dimension, a language I was overhearing and felt I could almost understand. But it was just the light and water and shadows. Yeah, just those things; just elements and phenomena that scientists are still trying to understand and that religions see as metaphors and sacraments. Just that.

"I am the Light of the World, whoever lives in me no longer stumbles around in the dark... I am the Water of Life, whoever is thirsty can come to me and drink...(etc, etc)" - Jesus

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