Monday, January 28, 2013

The Last New Year's Eve

The new year's eve concert is family tradition. We've done it for years. This year, for the first time, we had it somewhere different -- at the Shue barn in Kidron, OH. It's an amazing venue (pictured above, from the loft.

Great evening -- Tim Shue tore it up on electric, accordion,  trombone and vocals. Toby Hazlett anchored the tunes and occasionally showed his amazing chops on a variety of basses. Andrew Simms drove halfway across the state to play percussion and Kimberly Glick jumped in on vocals and gave us a glimpse of her songwriting talent as well.

All this happened in the great space cluttered with instruments, hand carved spoons, tools, and delicious food -- with snow swirling around outside.

I think it's the best this particular band has ever sounded. Made me so thankful to have the opportunity to play music with quality musicians and welcome the new year with a great mix of people: poets and writers, teachers and pastors, family makers and lovers of the single life -- that is to say: family, old friends and a scattering of people I just met.

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