Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the road (and the blog) again

After several very quiet, travel-less months, December and January launched us out of the mountains into a swirl of motion. I've been home only a day or two and have posted less on this blog than any time since sabbatical. The pace is picking up and the challenge is to find a good rhythm and fit the most important things in. More about that soon.

This is me in a hotel room doing a bit of late night practice on the guitar I've been using since my sister Kimberly dropped it off at our place late this fall. It's a Washburn, and it plays nicely with Marshall (who recently got new tubes). It's enjoyed it's visit with the Reuels and I've taken it to PA, OH and TX. It travels well. But that's enough gear talk.

I'll post more about the travels and what Christa and I have been thinking and making recently.

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