Sunday, August 19, 2012

Who needs a workbook

I put together the Watershed Coursebook to accompany the Watershed album -- it's a collection of thoughts, drawings and exercises designed to help people grow through times of change. I was so tired by the time Christa and I finished the Watershed project (recording, art, two books, a mini-tour and the Kickstarter campaign) that I had very little energy to talk about (let alone promote) this little workbook. And I had some doubts about it -- Is it any good? Could it actually help people? While I've thought, spoken and written songs on the subject for years, I've never put together a workbook, so who knows?

So... it's been gratifying to see a few people beginning to read it and find it helpful. Doing themed concerts has helped since I can introduce some of the ideas in such a way that people glimpse why they are relevant to their lives and the changes they are facing.

If you haven't checked out this little book, you can preview (and order) it here:

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