Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hacking through the inner underbrush

As a songwriter, I've learned to hold my opinion of songs I write loosely. A "wait and see" attitude is helpful, since you don't always know what songs will really connect with people and help them along on their journey. Once a song starts to catch on a bit, and you see people actually connect in more than a surface, I-like-that-hook way (although that's a good thing in and of itself) I get excited and want to share that tune more widely.

So when I wrote a book (the aforementioned Watershed Coursebook) I took the same approach. Held loosely whether it would be "a good one" and whether it would help anybody. Now that a couple people (out of the very few who have copies) are starting to tell me how it's been helpful, I want other people to get the book. I don't want to create or sell vanity press stuff -- and this IS my first writing (I had a section in a book back in the 90s...) but someone wrote me a long extended email detailing specific ways the coursebook is helping them deal with change and transition.

Here's an excerpt from their message:

"The more I read, the more it connects soooooo deeply! I love... "hacking a path through the inner underbrush." That is so how it feels! So glad you found Zac to help you get this out! It is so needed!" (Bonnie from IN)

So get a copy for yourself or someone you know who is going through changes. And send me a message to let me know how it's been helpful.

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