Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Watershed Coursebook

The Watershed Coursebook is done and posted online. You can order it if you'd like. Those of you who get it as a reward for Kickstarting the project will be getting your copies once we get them and ship them to you (so it will be a while yet). It's exciting to be done with this.

A bit about this book: I wrote the coursebook as a way of 1. getting some of my thoughts about transition and growth on to paper, 2. using the lyrics of the Watershed album as a launching point for reflection, 3. giving people who want to dig deeper into some of the album's themes a way to do it, and 4. trying spiritual and personal growth together with the art and music of the Watershed Project.

This is the first time I've attempted anything like this, so it's exciting and scary. See what you think. I'm excited to find out -- six months from now -- if it is helpful to those who pick up a copy. I am, after all, headed into the wilderness... this FRIDAY!!!

The art and illustrations are by Christa and I. I wrote the text. The book is 7x9 inches, black and white, 114 pages. Please note that even though some of the photos show up in color in this preview, in the actual book THEY ARE ALL BLACK and WHITE. It's some strange glitch in the system. Just wanted to be clear.

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