Saturday, July 9, 2011

Last Post from the Edge of the Wilderness

Yes, I'm on Sabbatical now. This is day two, and I'm on my way out. So, while I'd like to make this very, very long, I will follow my own advice and aim for short, clear and deep (with a touch of metaphoric poetics).

I am at the edge of the wilderness. I am a field soon to be fallow. I am a tree in winter, at rest, surrounded by stark beauty. Or I will be. I approach jubilee.

"What?" you say, "are you talking about?" Christa and I are taking a break. We're going away. We are turning off our phones. We won't be blogging. We will not be on Facebook. We probably won't be coming to your town and saying hi. If you try to call or email us, we won't be there.

We are tired. We are rethinking our lives. We are falling in love again. We are letting go of responsibilities. We are facing facts we've been ignoring. We, no, we are not fixing the world, not right now. All of our normal responsibilities (leadership work, web design business, coaching, consulting, etc, are being handled by competent individuals and teams -- this was part of the 9 months of preparation we just finished).

"What?" you say, "are you having a breakdown or gettin a divorce? Is this some kind of artists' mid life crisis?" Hmmm. No to #1 and #2 and "kind of" to the third, although really it's more like if burnout was a town we could see it's glow on the horizon before we whipped the car into reverse, found a crossroad and headed into the wilderness.

I'll miss writing, we'll miss you, but we will love the space. (And I pre-scheduled some fun posts, so check back). We'll see you on the other side, once we the paths turn into trails and the trails become lanes, and the lanes turn to gravel roads, the signposts begin to appear again and cell reception returns.

Post you later...

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