Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Make a record with Jonathan

I've been blown away by the ideas and help I've gotten during the brainstorming and planning phases of this recording project. The art looks great. Plans for recording and touring are progressing well. And funds are coming in.

To complete the Watershed project, I need between $2500 and $10,000 (the amount raised will determine how far we can take the project -- and whether we cover our costs, get paid, etc). Just as a reference point, my Sonchild album (recorded in 2000) cost between $6000 and $7000 which was all raised in donations or album album presales. So while this goal stretches me, there is a track record of similar things working well.

The amazing thing here is that we can even attempt doing something like this -- the only reason we can is that a number of people are willing to take the risk with us, donating time, skills and labor. While we appreciate this we hope to be able to more than cover materials costs (which for the art alone is currently around $1000, not to mention travel, etc).

The Kickstarter page was an attempt to simplify this giving process, making it easy for people to help make the vision a reality. Please check it out.

This project is way too big for me to do alone, and while that's a little scary it's also exciting and it's the right way to do this project. If this is going to be the best record I've made yet, it will require the best team I've had yet, and part of that team is listeners and friends who put hard-earned cash into it.

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