Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cooking Watershed Style

Making this album is a little bit like cooking -- at least the way I cook. I usually look at the ingredients I have, find a recipe that has at least a little overlap, and then experiment, using the recipe as a rough guide. Sometimes this works great and I develop something that I refine into an actual recipe, sometimes its horrible (like the curried macaroni and cheese incident) and most of the time it's pretty good.

The Watershed Project is like a big meal we're planning, with each part -- songs, art, ideas -- being a dish or drink. We have the meal date set (by May we will have a cd recorded, a big artpiece done, two little books finished and a tour started) and a recipe to roughly follow. We're collecting ingredients, scanning recipes, firing up stoves and ovens and checking the cellars.

I've made many song and album dishes over the last 15 years, and I'm hoping to take what I've learned and refine it into a great main dish. Christa has become quite good at mixing up large scale installation pieces that remind me of great wines or well-aged cheeses. Grant is a great production chef. Nate consistently serves up tasty grooves and has good presentation ideas. Chris is well known for the riffs and textures he chops, sautes and delivers.

The joy and challenge is bringing all of this together into a tasty, unique yet unified banquet delivered on time.

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