Friday, February 4, 2011

Becoming Fountains

It's not that this love (capital L) is earned, or that it is only available to the gifted -- on the contrary: it's more of a sliding scale. The gifted or strong have to put out much more to unlock it. It's like addiction in that it takes more and more to get the same result -- only the more that is required is positive (like stronger muscles from exercise or better playing from practicing) and the result is always more than enough, like a faucet that doesn't run out (as opposed to the constantly reducing positive feelings that are associated with addiction). With this love there's always an endless supply -- the issue is what it takes to tap into to it.

It feels to me like receiving divine love is often closely connected with giving everything you have, pouring out all your attention, energy, gifts and skills however great or small, and in the vacuum created by that pouring -- or to switch metaphors -- in the gasping space after that last pushup you couldn't hardly do -- in rushes this overwhelmingly generous (unending even) flow of life -- filling that empty space, spilling over into the cracks and crevices and out to other places in need. It's as if in the emptying of ourselves God not only pours into us but begins to make us a fountain, a spring, a source to bring love (which is life: living water) to people, situations, and other deserts.

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