Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Gift: Farewell Concert Part Two

The whole night felt to me like it had been put together by someone bigger, more mysterious and wiser than me. And indeed, after how many years of doing a lot of it myself -- booking, promoting, etc -- this was very different. More than any show I can remember, this was the result of major collaboration at every stage. I was a gift -- to and from many people.

The progression from the first band to the second and then to JRL was interesting-- each one was different, but they they related and sort of built on each other. I worried a little about how the audiences from each band would like the others, but there were no riots or mass exoduses (of course it takes masses to have a mass exodus...). Enough people showed up to make the room feel good rather than awkward. (Which is great because I've played in that venue awkwardly at least twice, so I know what I'm describing.)

I was amazed by:
The number and quality of musicians playing.
The interest and response of the audience (like a shot of caffeine).
The interaction between the musicians.
Those musical moments...

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