Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Silent as a Semaphore

My sister and I are working on a song. Here's the story:

1. I gave my sister Kimberly some lyrics and song fragments I've never done anything with
2. She misreads a line and comes up with a great song idea
3. She writes interesting music -- one verse and one chorus
4. We get together, she describes the idea, I'm impressed (and convinced of the value of bad penmanship)
5. I research semaphores on Wikipedia and other inerrant sources
6. I wrestle the lyrics for two more verses and a bridge out of an afternoon Kimberly spends working on her guitar technique (she "doesn't really play", she just makes up chords and picking patterns that are more interesting than a lot of accomplished guitarists)
7. We turn the original chorus into a pre-chorus and write a more hooky chorus

I haven't written a song like this before. It's fun. It's hard work.

Hopefully you'll get to hear it sometime.

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