Monday, June 11, 2012

Shifting Gears

One of the metaphors that's been tossed around in the leadership development circles I run around in is the idea of "shifting gears" -- especially related to taking sabbaticals of the sort that allow you to truly "go into neutral."

Biking with my dad last week that image became viscerally present to me again -- same amount of effort + new gear = different results (more speed, the ability to climb a hill you couldn't otherwise).

I am experiencing something like this personally post-sabbatical. I'm doing some of the same things I did before (playing songs, coaching leaders and artists) but it's working better. What's different? Hard to pinpoint but it has something to do with having been totally in neutral for a while and coming back with in a new gear and and -- perhaps even with access to a few new gears.

So yes, disconnecting and resting deeply and profoundly can and does have an effect on "the things you make" (which is what this blog is about).

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