Monday, June 18, 2012

Also called "An Education in the Art of Waiting"

Quick disclaimer: for those of you who like finished products, please DO NOT WATCH this video. It's a super rough version of the song I wrote for my dad -- minimal lyric-editing and recorded right after I wrote it. It's rough, but people have been asking to hear it so I don't mind sharing it "in process" for those who like that sort of thing!

Here are the lyrics:

It's father's day and I'm not one
But thank You God I've still got one
Of all of the gifts that I treasure
This is one I must makes sure to count
Sometimes what you need most
Is the farthest thing from your mind
Behind the scenes and when no one's watching
You'll find what a person believes in

And this man would give his shirt (his car) away
Loves a good song and a mountain range
Fights through winter for the one he loves
(Though may, just maybe that's gone on for long enough)
I hear the southern weather calling
After decades of snow falling on these dreams
It's an education in the art of waiting
I pray the sunshine overtakes him when he least expects it
Like the thousand gifts he gave
When he least expects it
Some day like today

Some dads help you by talking
Others send you away
This man modeled the things he thought most valuable day by day
Now some of those lessons I learned
Others came back to haunt me
Like an iced-over window and a frozen door (lock)
The kind that my dad was always prepared for

Copyright June 17, 2012 Jonathan Reuel.

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