Thursday, May 3, 2012

Surge on Smith gig

Played two and a half concerts in Texas. The Jonathan Reuel and the Brilliant show was ROUGH! 8 months since my last time playing those songs really showed. Only the brilliance of the Brilliant Texans Joel and Jared kept it afloat. Still love the music though.

The Surge on Smith set was stunning. I almost broke down in the middle of one tune feeling the weight of the ideas in the songs -- people caught in human trafficking -- and the audience really connected. We sold out all the cds we brought (which we arranged judiciously so as to not seem prideful making it look like we thought we'd sell so many). This hasn't happened often for me over the years.

Something is happening with this music. We played at a church we have a long relationship with over the years and the pastor asked Kelly to share a bit about her journey with music and songwriting -- a longtime dream, wrestled with over many years -- I think that was part of why it all hit so hard. That and the kindness of God who cares about people trapped in horrible situations -- and who likes good music! Photo by Wasinger.

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