Monday, April 9, 2012

Riddled through with Glory

The first decade I wrote songs they were pretty much geared towards a Christian audience -- encouraging them to delve into their faith, get closer to God, be honest about their journey, pay the price to really give following Jesus an honest shot. Then for a while I wrote songs that were mostly vertical in orientation, prayers, spiritual songs, etc. Then I started JRL and explored writing songs that could (hopefully) connect with anyone, whatever their spiritual state or religious inclination.

Well, that's mainly the songs I released. I was still writing songs to God too -- it's part of how I survive emotionally and stay alive spiritually. It's sometimes a wrestling mat, a threshing floor, and an open field.

I collected seven of these songs (five from previous albums, 2 unreleased demos including a hymn my sister and I wrote an extra verse for) on an EP we decided to call "Riddled Through with Glory: Songs of Worship and Waiting." If you'd like a copy, mosey out across hyperspace to the little Sonchild station and pick yourself up one!

Please note: It is NOT a new full-length studio album (that's why it's so cheap), and it's NOT available for download, but it IS pretty mellow and meditative and it DOES have a pretty sweet photograph on the cover, slightly abstract and liquidy but not photoshopped even a smidgeon, compliments of the close-up queen herself, Kimberly Glick.


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