Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The axe is at the root of the trees and Seconds to Sunrise is the first to go

My 2005 release Seconds to Sunrise has been out of print now for a couple years. It was one of the most fun recordings I've ever done, and it struck a chord with a lot of the people who have followed my music over the years.

I have one unopened copy of S2S left. I've been paying $50/year to make it available for download on itunes and amazon, and people (39 to be exact) have downloaded it, although less recently. Small price to pay to keep it available, but...

I'm streamlining the business side of my music endeavors (I usually focus on the creative side) and cutting costs. Unfortunately Seconds to Sunrise is being cut . . . in 6 days. So you have from now until April 9 to go to itunes or amazon and download it (unless enough people download it to pay for another year).

Many of you who read this blog already have the record. Two people told me they wore out the cd -- I gave a burned copy to one of them but I can't remember who the other one was, so I hope you're reading this. :)

A couple of Seconds to Sunrise songs are included on the Best of JRL album which lives on in the cloud on Amazon and Itunes and which is not, at this point, slated to be "cut off, thrown into the fire and burned." But the axe is at the root of the trees, friends...

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