Friday, June 10, 2011

Texas Brilliant Truly Brilliant

Over a month ago I had my first practice with the TX Brilliant. Tonight we had our second. We play tomorrow night. I was very scared. Now I am only a little scared.

Hooray for hardworking gigging musicians! I got to the practice tonight and not only do the guys know the songs, the bass player has everything charted including bpms for each tune.

At the end of practice tonight we improvised. At some point I started doing atmospheric washes and Joel (TX Joel the bass guru, not OH Joel*) and Greg went off into outer space switching into strange time signatures and playing in some eastern European scale I've never heard of. Glorious. I feel so wealthy. Privileged. This is how I've felt every time I get to play this music live with either Brilliant.

* Also known as "the-drummer-who-learned-on-cardboard-boxes-with-paint-stirring-sticks."

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