Saturday, June 25, 2011

Screaming Rooster was Loud

Great to be able to open for my friend Joel's band last night (Lo-Watt Radio) at the Screaming Rooster in Cleveland. First time we've played there. Drove around a bit and had Eastern European food at Sokolowski's on University. If you find yourself in Cleveland and like sauerkraut try it.

The venue was good. Lo-Watt played well. It was a rough nights for me and the Brilliant. I broke two strings, couldn't hear myself and couldn't keep my guitars in tune. If it wasn't for Toby it would have been a train wreck. As it was we scraped and leaned our way through it. I know you have nights like that but they still throw me. The audience didn't throw anything though, and a number of people said they liked it. There were a few brilliant moments when everything was hitting hard and loud, though, that were great.

Tonight is the last Ohio show of the Watershed tour -- in Millersburg which is where I spent a good chunk of my elementary school days. Nothing like playing in the small town you grew up in! Never played Jitters before.

We've got the Indiana-Illinois loop yet and then the Watershed tour is over. I'm looking forward to ending strong and then having time to reflect on the project and the tour.

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