Friday, April 22, 2011

First Practice with the (Texas) Brilliant

After driving through a crazy hailstorm somewhere between NC and Dallas, and noticing that there is a well established group called "Texas Tornado" I have decided that it's appropriate to call the band "the Brilliant." For one, they are brilliant, all 7 of them (3 Texans, 2 from OH, 1 from MI), and second it's kind of fun to be Jonathan Reuel AND the Brilliant, since at this point when I pick up the electric I definitely don't feel like I belong in the "Brilliant" category -- although you can count me in the "deliriously happy and learning quickly" box. And, after all, this is rock and roll we're playing, and the Brilliant is good enough to play with "the loud and sloppy."

Enough of that. We had our first practice last night here in Wylie Texas and all I could think of the whole night was "Really? I get to do this?" We've got some work to do, but the guys knew the music pretty well and there were some amazing moments. I think this music is going to work live. I've had my doubts because it's a different animal than banging the acoustic guitar and adding some parts. These songs require the bass and drums to carry them much of the time -- which they are doing brilliantly.

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