Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The next recording

I'm reticent to give details on the upcoming recording because it seems too good to be true and there are still some gaps in the plan. That being said, so far doors keep slamming open. It's unexpected, uncanny, humbling and fun.

I plan to tour with Kelly (who I've been working on the EP with in the last few weeks) and at least one other person, maybe a small band -- in the spring.

I look forward to putting together a tour that deals with both a concrete social issue (like human trafficking) and more abstract or spiritual issues (like the transformation of a person in the wilderness by the love of God).

So, the next five months are going to be an adventure. I picture Christa and I collapsing into sabbatical (it's an arid, beautiful country with one stream) in the early summer after doing battle with a hideous evil on both personal and systemic fronts. Well, to clarify, I see us doing small acts of courage and love as part of a massive campaign of redemption and reconciliation (which we see just glimpses of) -- not single-handedly ousting things that need ousted!


brynjolf said...

It's a cellar door revolution! Revolutions can't rest on the shoulders of just a few people, but are a movements made up of thousands of radicals with like-minded subversive goals. Exciting to hear what is afoot. Al and Andi Tauber (Andi and I) do something similar in Chicago with Emmaus Ministries where they tour - retelling the stories of "recovering" male prostitutes in poetry and song. An effective way to merge creativity and social action. You may have run into them at Mennofolk.

Steve Horvath said...

Look forward to hearing it my friend! And seeing where your new adventures land you...