Sunday, December 12, 2010


I didn't want to even think about what I'd do until we get to sabbatical (besides the commitments I already had). But my team told me to ask the inner question (not just be driven by necessity but see what's in my heart). I did and found I wanted to record an album (before June or July when we start sabbatical). I wanted to record with a full band, good quality but figured there was no way we could afford the time or money to do it. In prayer I felt challenged to talk to a specific person. I did and they offered to help me, reducing the cost so significantly that I could begin to consider it.

While there's a long road ahead yet and challenges to face, problems to solve, looks like I may be recording a full blown record in Feb or March and touring some before we go to sabbatical.

It even going this far feels like a miracle.

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Jason Potsander said...

Keep following your heart in Christ. Too many people don't take the time to ask themselves what is really in their heart or know how to get from point A to Z amidst the B,C, and D's of life. Life is a process of questioning, but a lot of people repeating the same answers over and over again just to "survive." Dreaming and heart issues are not easy to decipher at times. Kudos to you! Keep looking at your heart and God's purpose for each of your steps. The troops need more ammunition.