Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mountains and Cold: Traveling Towards and Through

Christa and I are leaving Texas headed towards Virginia in our little black escort with 256k miles on it. The sky is wavy gray, pressing downwards on a highway full of semis, Dodge Rams and tire shards. It's cold. It's good to be driving. I miss the road a little. Tried out a couple new songs this weekend and the Texans liked them.

I just got the test copies of the JRL Farewell Concert CD back. I like them and I'm ready to ship them out, so if you want one to give away or keep, you can get it on the store page of the website.

We made 25 copies of the collectors' edition, (18 available) which will go to whoever orders them first, so if you want one, act soon. The collector's edition includes signed copies of the 8 pieces of art created for the project (one piece of art for each song).

Thinking about Christmas: Hope we can really celebrate what needs celebrating this year and also care for the people for whom this time of year is really hard. In a lot of ways the JRL project was about paying attention to hard situations and disconnected people, and hoping, praying and singing for hope and change. Maybe some of that original vision will come through with the Farewell Concert recording and will get to people who need it.

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