Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art for Better Days

This illustration/collage was created by Megan Garver for the song "Better Days" as part of the JRL Farewell Concert recording project.

It's great because the concert itself was a massive collaboration with around 20 musicians, artists, helpers, etc, so it makes sense that the recording has artists collaborating on it. Plus it's been a really fun way to work towards bringing music and art together, which is a longtime dream of mine which was recently reawakened.

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Jason Potsander said...

Pictures with music is a powerful combination and makes the songs that much deeper. I started to ask myself who is that person under the umbrella? Why is she/he invisible? What’s “rain” that is falling in their lives right now and what hope to they have for the future? It’s raining but from what I remember the boots and umbrella were fairly colorful and vibrant, not gloomy. It’s raining but their is still hope embedded in the picture. The same boots could be used to keep feet dry when muddling along looking for hope, or be used to playfully dance, splash, and sing in the rain!