Monday, September 14, 2009

Imaginary Mantra FAQs

I wonder how many Frequently Asked Questions are asked frequently. I imagine right now that in donut shops, pubs and sunday schools the world over people are asking -- frequently -- the following questions about that mantra* that went viral.

What if I might need this stuff later?

What if I can't let go?

What if I give away too much and get stuck?

Why should I do this?

One determining factor for quality of life is how much extra space you have, and the quality of stuff you fill your space, time, mind, and life with. The price a person pays to get rid of the bad or mediocre is often more than compensated by the space created and the increased quality of what remains.


Admit you need help. Find a higher power. Etc.

* Review:
The evolving mantra: More than you need. Space for others.
How: Give away/pitch stuff. Keep only the best. Plan for others.

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