Sunday, May 10, 2009

Drawing Apart

Christa and I try to take a day off each week. For us this means not working and not talking about work. Because a lot of our work is creativity, art and community building, this makes for an interesting day. What do you talk about? What do you do?

I can understand more now why religious groups and traditions develop complex sets of rules to govern behavior (for example -- traditions regarding the Jewish or Christian sabbath): if the goal is rest and revitalization it can be pretty complex to actually figure out how to do that. Some guidelines are necessary. Rules can help.

If the goal of the guidelines and rules is to help a person rest, be revitalized, and refocus (physically, spiritually, emotionally), the challenge is coming up with a set of rules that fits everyone at all times and places. I think it's impossible. I think we have to take responsibility ourselves, try some things, learn, and be willing to adjust as we and our surroundings change.

Right now drawing for me is (mostly) a relaxing discipline rather than work. I started this drawing during a recent day off, and finished it afterwards.

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