Friday, May 15, 2009

CSM and a Clipped Carbon Blanket

I just posted the spring delivery of songs for my CSM* so I thought I'd
post a clip of one of the songs, a couple lyrics and thoughts about the

"I am standing, wind tearing through the fields
Leaves are flying overs hills and down the valleys
I need to meet you, the ground is aching to be healed
She's speared with iron, choked in rust and a carbon blanket"
(From Carbon Blanket)

I've played this song at three shows now -- the JRL Farewell gig,
Bluffton University and the OCP. It seems to really take off in a live
setting. It's a a series of prayer images wrung from someone who is not
as young as they once were, but who isn't finished yet either.

* Bryan Moyer Suderman started the Community Supported Music initiative. In a nutshell it's a way for people to support an artist and get
a glimpse into their creative process and download work before it
becomes public. Christa and I set up CSArts groups in 2008. I have a
small membership that's slowly growing. Find out more or follow the CSM link on my website. If you join the CSM in May or June you get a free cd.

A clipped Carbon Blanket:

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