Thursday, March 13, 2008

Meditate On This!

Jonathan has taken a step beyond. JRL "Now" has a companion set of meditation cards you can use to help guide your thoughts while listening to the new album. The set is comprised of twelve cards printed in color from Jonathan's watercolor originals, each matching up with a track on the album. They are signed by the artist and will soon be available to buy in the JRL store.

The cards are to be used for reflection, meditation and prayer, and will help you think about connections in your life, memory, dreams and the present moment. Jonathan was first inspired to create this type of card after encountering a similar set that Paul Grout, of A Place Apart had put together. Jonathan is giving you an exclusive sneak preview of three of the cards here on the JRL blog.

The Cyclone card is paired with "Better This Way"

The Love card pairs with "If You Were Mine"

Fences pairs with "I Don't Mind Waiting"

The couplings of of the rest of the cards and tracks are found below:

Promises (I Went West)
View (Back Then)
Loneliness (We've All Got This)
Dream (Someone Else's Dream)
Grateful (Memories and Towns)
Wish (Nothing but Empty)
Found (Nothing Left)
Rest (Camellia Drive Lullaby)
Stay (Better Yet)

More on how to purchase soon to come!

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